Relax and breathe!


At Boongalla Group we understand the stresses involved in coming home to a flooded house, but we're here to help.


By following these simple steps we can begin to get your life and house back to normal.


STEP 1:    Establish whether you can stop the water ingress at its

source (ie. turn off the water mains, grab a bucket and

towels and set under the leak area).


STEP 2:    Call your Insurance Company and ensure you have the correct information ready for

them (ie. Name of policy holder, policy number, property address, damage sustained). 

Insurance Companies have qualified staff who are trained to handle every situation. They will advise whether you are covered for the damage under your policy and also advise you of the process and what to do next.


STEP 3:    Call US! on 1300 859 629 Boongalla Group are specifically trained in water damage and will do our best to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for you.

Emergency Response Line: 1300 859 629