Fire Damage Heading

Boongalla Group provides a comprehensive restoration service in the event of fire and smoke damage. Situations we deal with include but are not limited to:

  • residential to commercial & health care;
  • appliance malfunctions;
  • cooking mishaps;
  • odour control; and
  • smoke & soot damage


At Boongalla Group we ensure we are always up to date with industry guidelines and utilise the latest equipment and methods for remediating water damage

You have fire damage, but did you consider the smoke and soot fallout?


Boongalla Group technicians are IICRC certified technicians in the field of fire and smoke, making us a top choice for many Insurance Companies when dealing with fire restoration claims.  In conjunction with our certified partners and suppliers, we are focused on providing a reliable and professional cleaning, remediation and reinstatement service guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


Many people who experience a house fire may find that it is not just the flames that cause the damage.  Smoke manages to find its way into all manner of things, namely carpets and rugs, curtains and clothes leaving a smoky odour long after the fire damaged repairs have been carried out.

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Soot can also cause a significant amount of damage and inconvenience.  After a fire soot tends to fall on everything, and when we say everything, we mean everything! 


Boongalla Group are trained to handle the fallout caused by a fire, including clearing those pesky odours that like to hang around and providing a full clean down to eliminate all presence of soot.


So next time you experience fire damage to your property, allow Boongalla Group to assist you through the process of restoration to your damaged property.

Emergency Response Line: 1300 859 629