Contents Restoration


As well as the remediation and restoration works we conduct to your property, Boongalla Group will also manage the remediation and restoration works of your personal contents items.


Whether it's the $13,000 painting you purchased from an art gallery or the $2 watch your grandma bought you at the market, at Boongalla Group we understand that your personal belongings hold value that cannot always be expressed in monetary terms.  For this reason we endeavour to treat and handle all contents from your property as though they were our own.


Boongalla Group employes various methods and professionals to ensure that your contents are returned to you back to their pre-event condition.


  • gamma2

    Gamma Irradiation Sterilization


    Specialised Laundering Services

  • Ultra Sonic

    Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning


    Electrical Cleaning and Testing

  • fogger

    Ozoning Processing


    Paintings and Photos Restoration

  • table

    Furniture Restoration


    Indoor Furnishing Cleaning, Repairs and Replacement

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