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Bacterial contamination requires immediate attention due to the health risk it poses to inhabitants.

Boongalla Group have been offering Bacterial Remediation to Healthcare, Insurance, Government and Private Institutions for more than 10 years. Trained and Certified technicians have completed projects ranging from domestic to industrial remediation. In addition, Boongalla Group also offer Bacterial Assessments, Bacterial Sampling, Containment services, Air Scrubbing Solutions, Supplementary Drying Works, Dry Ice Blasting services, Post Remediation Verification and Reinstatement Works.

Every effort must be made to contain the loss, and avoid cross contamination.

Bacterial proliferation can occur in any building. Waste or sewage pipes that fail, or sewers that become blocked and back up are a common causes. Bacterial contamination requires immediate attention due to the health risk it poses to inhabitants. Containment of the immediate area and isolation of HVAC systems are required to eliminate spreading throughout the premises. Remediation works can be completed inside of the contained area. All equipment that is used inside the contaminated zone is thoroughly cleaned prior to being removed to avoid cross contamination. The use of metering equipment enables technicians to ensure that surfaces are clean. Industrial Hygienists are then introduced to verify the results. Once verified the area is reopened for use.

Returning Buildings to Normal Baterial Ecology

Returning Buildings to Normal Baterial Ecology

Works in compliance to IICRC S500

Works in compliance to IICRC S500

Trained Bacterial Remediation Technicians

Trained Bacterial Remediation Technicians


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Quality & Standards

Boongalla Group is Australian owned company providing maintenance, restoration and hygiene services to industries ranging from government to residential with 20 years of industry experience.

Boongalla Group hold JAZANS Certifications for Quality, Environmental and Safety Management. Boongalla Group also holds memberships with AIRAH, NADCA, IICRC and IKECA.

Boongalla Group are also a platinum partner with Aeris Environmental utilising proven products that align with our services.

All works are conducted in accordance to;

ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation

NOHSC:1003 -1995 [Adopted National Exposure

Standards for Atmospheric Contaminants in the Occupational Environment] National Institute of Decontamination Specialists NIDS—2011 [Advanced Environmental Disinfection]