HVAC Hygiene



Regular cleaning of duct systems help conform to Australian standards and keep Indoor Air Quality high.

The regular cleaning of air systems ensures air quality remains high and the system is operating as it was designed. Contaminants can enter and gather within ductwork and internal components reducing airflow, air quality and the systems overall performance. Boongalla Group are a NADCA and AIRAH member and have been cleaning commercial and domestic air systems for more than 10 years. Providing scheduled solutions to facilities managers and mechanical service contractors.

Contamination within ductwork has the potential to be a catalyst for microbial growth severely impacting Indoor Air Quality.

Boongalla Group access and utilise specialist equipment to clean all commercial and domestic air systems removing foreign contaminants are returning the duct to its initial specifications. Contamination within ductworks has the potential to be the catalyst for microbial growth which effects Air Quality. The removal of the contamination heavily reduces the risk of this occurring. Over time insulation can delaminate and block air ducts causing the air balancing to be incorrect. Boongalla Group can removed the failed insulation and reline the duct to original specification. Cleaning of exhaust/return ducts allows originally designed operation ands also reduces the overall fire risk of the building. Inspection of ductwork is also required under the AS3666.2.


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Quality & Standards

Boongalla Group is Australian owned company providing maintenance, restoration and hygiene services to industries ranging from government to residential with 20 years of industry experience.

Boongalla Group hold JAZANS Certifications for Quality, Environmental and Safety Management. Boongalla Group also holds memberships with AIRAH, NADCA, IICRC and IKECA.

Boongalla Group are also a platinum partner with Aeris Environmental utilising proven products that align with our services.

All works are conducted in accordance to;

NADCA ACR 2013 [Standard for Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration of HVAC Systems 2013]

AIRAH HVAC - 2010 [Hygiene Best Practice Guide]

AIRAH –2013 [Technical Handbook]

AIRAH DA19 - 2009 [HVAC&R Maintenance]

AS/NZS 3666.2:2011 Air-handling and water systems of buildings - Microbial control - Operation and Maintenance

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